Abandonware archive – The Thing: Lost Eden

by Rene Ralph

The Thing was one of many low-profile abandonware site I’ve always liked a lot. Somewhere in 2009 it sadly disappeared, here’s one of the reviews I found in Wayback Archive:

Review: General info.

Lost Eden is an adventure with great graphics. Its about a world where dinosaurs and men live together. Its called eden.

And it should have come as no surprise to me that the main character is called Adam and his to be girlfriend is called Eve. 😉 The Game is filled with puzzles and interesting characters to interact with.

There are also many species of dinosaurs to find. And all of these and offcourse then many people are spread over many valleys wich you will discover. Add too this some great music and your of to one hell of a game.

The Story.

The world of Eden is a world where Men and Dinosaurs have always lived and worked together untill now. The last great king of this world was Priam. He was also known as the “Architect”.

He was the one who built the great “Citadel of Mo”. But the knowledge of its building was lost when Priam’s son “Vangor” became king. Vangor wanted an alliance with the evil “Moorkus Rex”.

To prove to Moorkus that Vangor was serious about it he had everybody who was involved in the construction of the Citadel put to death.

And so the knowledge of the building of Citadel was lost and the trust between men and dinosaurs was gone. In the years after that “Moorkus Rex” and his tyrranosaurs conquered more and more of Eden.

Then you come in the picture. You are Prince Adam of Mo. The heir to the throne of the kingdom of Mashaar. The current king of Mashaar is Gregor.

He’s your father. He used to fight the Tyrran but his wife and daughter (your mother and sister) were killed on the plains of Mashaar.

Now he hides in the Citadel of Mo. He’s lost the will to fight the tyrran and now the whole of Eden is going to ruin. But on the day Prince Adams Coming of Age he Adam decides it can’t go on like this anymore.

Eloi the messenger has just returned with news of the tyrran. The king calls for Adam to be present to here the news Eloi has brought.

When Adam is in the throneroom Eloi starts telling Adam that the Tyrran has now attacked the Valley of Chamaar. Adam wants go off to see it for him self and to look if he can put a stop to the Tyrran.

But the king won’t let Adam go. He tells Adam that the risks are too great and that he doesn’t want to lose the only remaining heir to the throne. And so Adam leaves the room disapointed but Eloy tells him he wants to see Adam in his room before he leaves.

First Adam goes to the crypt where all his ancesters are embalmed for eternity. There he talks to Monk who gives him a talisman for Adams “Coming of Age”.

After that Adam decides to go back to his room to talk with Eloy. Once in his room Eloy tells Adam a something he didn’t want to tell Adam in front of the king.

Eloy tells Adam about Dina. She’s a female dinosaur and she’s waiting for him at the right entrance to the citadel. Dina tells Adam about here grandfather. He’s got something important to tell Adam before he dies.

Adam sneaks off with Dina to “Tau’s Cave” where Dina’s grandfather tells you about the secret of the citadels and where Adam may find the answer. Adam quickly returns to the “Citadel of Mo” and finds the secret (You didn’t think I was going to tell you where did you? Just play the damn game.).

Now Adam can convince the king to start fighting back against the Tyrran. Adam gets permission to go in to the valley (escorted by the kings most trusted sargeant Thugg and start the fight.

The rest you’ll have to find out for your self. 😉 This has been just the start and I left out all the puzzles.


“Lost Eden” is kind of the same sort of game as CRYO’s earlier creation “Dune”. That means that your working up from a hopeless situation. You need to rally men and dinosaurs for the fight agains the tyrran. The game has great graphics.

A great deal of the game consists of pre rendered movies. Unfortunately that means that the characters move pretty stiff.

When they talk only their head moves. Thats just like in Dune. “Dune” was made in 1992 and “Lost Eden” in 1994. You would think they could have made the characters move a little better in the mean time.

The many puzzles in Lost Eden arn’t much of a challenge. They are so easy any person of almost any age could solve them. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It means that its playable for almost everybody.
The music is just excellent.

It sounds a little like the music “Enigma” makes. Its great and it really fits the atmosphere. It makes me wish I had a better soundcard than my crappy “creative” one. 😉 So nothing to complain there.

The navigation in “Lost Eden” is pretty straight forward. You can’t go wrong. Its just a matter of pointing your cube in the right direction. 😉
All things taken into consideration this is a pretty good game deserving all this attention.

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