What are the Major Ways of Earning FIFA Coins?

by Rene Ralph

Earning FIFA coins is one of the most challenging parts of the FIFA ultimate team challenge. In developing and customizing your very own ultimate team, there is lots of FIFA coins expenditure. However, earning and spending FIFA coins are two very different concepts.

To earn FIFA coins, you would need to overcome various challenges and levels. In this way, the FIFA game is similar to just about any other game. However, there are many other methods through which one could earn money on the FIFA gaming platform. This article will be focusing on the various legal methods of making FIFA coins or free futcoins.

Since there are legal methods of making FIFA coins, then there would undoubtedly also be illegal means of making FIFA coins. We will also consider some of the more unsavory means of earning FIFA coins. These methods might not be in violation of any particular laws, but they are not permitted by EA games. This means that while a few of these methods might seem to be irrelevant in their consequence, you would be drifting from the terms and conditions of the game if you use these methods.

How to Legally Earn FIFA Coins

There are four major methods of earning FIFA coins without being in breach of any agreements you might have already made with EA FIFA games. These four methods are:

  1. The classic method of playing games. This method is the most entertaining method available. This option is every FIFA gamers` best and most entertaining option. It can be quite difficult to amass FIFA coins using this method, but the fun involved in this method is undeniable. The thrill of winning games, the disappointment you feel when you are losing to opponents are emotions that cannot be replicated. Not to mention the “edge of your seat” pressure you feel when you need to win a game but you are playing a draw.
  2. The next method is by participating in various squad building challenges and completing them. This, however, is applicable to those challenges that have FIFA coins as part of their rewards. This method is another legal and relatively easy method of earning FIFA coins.
  3. Next, we have the trading method of earning FIFA coins. On the FIFA trade market, you could choose to sell players for a fair price. The value of the various players varies according to their stats. You could also choose to sell or trade items.
  4. Last but not least, we have the option of purchasing FIFA coins the third party trusted retailers.

Other methods of getting FIFA coins that are not entirely legal include transferring from your FIFA account directly to another FIFA account or vice versa.


There are various methods of getting FIFA coins. Not all of them are legal, but not all are illegal as well. If you need more details on the subject, you could always check the help section of the official EA website.

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