A Beginner’s Guide to Playing FUT Games

by Rene Ralph

FIFA Ultimate team games, also called FUT games are among the best modes of the FIFA games series. You can play to get free FIFA coins that can be used to unlock more characters and buy other upgrading kits from the store. It has amazing features such as giving you charge over all the processes needed. This way, you get to come up with your desired team.

Also, It is used in in-game modes. Here, your opponents are AI-controlled teams (computer teams) or other FUT game players in online matches. If you’re new to Fut games, then this article is just what you need to get started! 

Beginner’s Guide to Playing FUT Games

Here’s a comprehensive beginners guide that will help you increase your playing status to the professional level

1. Starting Players, Logo, and Kits

The very first approach as a beginner is making your squad. You get to choose a random starting pack that gives you your first set of players. Next, you choose your kits and logo. You can also borrow a few of the best FIFA 19 players for some matches while your squad gets better.

2. Bonuses From the Market

Purchasing coin boosts are very important at the beginning of each game. You buy the biggest boost first. This is activated automatically by the game in the order it was assigned to you. If you do not do your coin boost properly, you may end up losing a lot of your coins.

3. Additional Purchase

You can purchase many more needed items for the matches like balls. This happens as long as there are FFC points left in your account. Most of these items can be resold at a later time if you have many of them.

4. Introductory Challenges

Introductory challenges are meant for beginners to practice with a total increase in their performance in the actual challenges. Some of these challenges may include buying a player using the smallest amount of coins and then adding the player to your squad for at least a match. If you have practiced enough, you can close the introductory challenge screen once you go to FIFA Ultimate Team main menu.

5. Starter and Daily Objectives

Some of the daily objectives may be done while carrying out the introductory challenges. The basic stater objectives are broadly divided into 4 groups. For every objective completed, you may earn coins and player packs.

6. Squad Building Challenges

Squad building challenges are very essential. It begins among the starter objectives and if completed, could fetch you more players. You don’t have to finish all challenges at once.

7. Play a Match in Squad Battles

Playing a match in squad battle mode is amongst the objectives of starter groups. You have to play against an AI-controlled team created by the FIFA community.


Note, If you want getter better at playing, you should play against the best players of the week. This way, you get to learn new techniques.

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