Factors That Influence How Durable A Smartwatch Is

by Rene Ralph

A lot of people are currently buying smartwatches. This is because these wearable devices offer a wide range of benefits. For instance, they come with a wide range of features, and they can be used as an extension to your smartphone. Click this link to buy watch 3, one of the best smartphone models by Huawei. But, before doing so, you may want to consider some factors. One of the first things you should consider when purchasing smartwatches is durability. It is often wise to get a durable smartwatch because it will save you from spending money on repairs or replacements.

Factors influencing the durability of smartwatches

Numerous factors can influence the durability of smartwatches. Below are some of the primary ones;

1. Materials

One of the primary factors that affect the durability of smartwatches is the material from which the watch is constructed. Naturally, smartwatches made from the best materials feature a higher level of durability than their counterparts. Note that smartwatches are usually made from various materials because they feature different parts. The following are some parts of smartwatches and the best materials for each part;

  • Battery- there are two primary forms of batteries for smartwatches. They are lithium polymer and lithium-ion smartwatches. Lithium is the best material for making smartwatch batteries. Therefore, lithium smartwatch batteries are usually more durable than their counterparts. They can last for up to two to three years, depending on how often you charge them.
  • Straps- these are the parts of the watch used to wear on your arms. The best and most durable smartwatch strap material is leather. However, smartwatches with leather straps are usually more costly. Regardless, their cost substitutes their durability. Other smartwatch strap materials are plastic and cloth.
  • Screen- most smartwatches feature LED and OLED screens. The quality of the screen materials usually affects their longevity or durability.

2. Design

The design of a smartwatch also affects its durability. Naturally, smartwatches with high-quality construction usually affect their durability. The design of a smartwatch includes elements like its materials, assembly, and how each feature is wired to operate. The best brands usually work with top designers to create the best and most durable smartwatch designs on the market. Therefore, when considering the durability of a smartwatch, it would help to look into the design or construction.

3. Application and maintenancea

How you apply a smartwatch will also influence how long it lasts. The trick to making sure your smartwatch lasts long is to use it as it was designed. For instance, exposing your smartwatch to water if it does not feature a waterproof design will affect its durability. Also, a lack of proper maintenance may negatively influence the durability of your smartwatch.

Final words

As mentioned before, the durability of a smartwatch can be influenced by several factors. Regardless, a good smartwatch can last up to five years. This is possible if the product is properly maintained and applied. Note that elements of the smartwatch, like the battery, may need to be replaced every two to three years, depending on the usage and type.

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