What Can You Do with Your RuneScape Gold?

by Rene Ralph

RuneScape Gold is the main component of OSRS. There are many ways to earn it depending on the activities given, items to sell, and the player’s level. Players are limited to a certain amount of RS gold and are free to spend it as they please. In this post, we discuss how you can use your RuneScape Gold.

How to Use Your RuneScape Gold

Some players playing OSRS make so much money in gold by participating in quest activities, killing, and many others. Figuring out what to spend the money on can be challenging. Below are ideas to guide you.

1. Selling

You can sell the gold to get real money. Look for reputable sites that deal with trading and contact the necessary company directly or do it on social platforms. Before selling, make sure you get every detail concerning the process, including payment and confirmation. If you want to sell and get paid instantly, find out how they make the payment, e.g., through Bitcoin, Paypal, or bank transfer. Get a deal that is beneficial for both you and the dealer.

2. Buying Bonds

RuneScape bonds are items that you can trade or keep to gain membership. RS membership can only be bought using bonds and not OSRS Gold. The bonds give you access to the in-game benefits. You can decide to trade or swap for some items or gift them to someone. Bonds are sold on the Grand Exchange, and it’s up to you to set prices depending on your interests.

3. Skill and Character Improvement

Spending your RuneScape Gold on this would be the best decision to make. Some skills require minimal investments, such as mining, woodcutting, and cooking, and most players can easily acquire them. Those with more money should invest in skills like herblore, crafting, and construction, which need millions of OSRS Gold to invest in. Raising your skills puts you at a higher level, gains more experience and gold.

4. Indulge in Fun Activities

RuneScape has many opportunities you can enjoy. If you feel you have achieved a lot in the game, share your wealth and knowledge with other players. Come up with drop parties as a platform to interact and learn as a group. You can get gifts for them and enjoy spending your RS gold for items like dragon bones and claws or eternal and primordial boots. You can pose challenges such as dancing or tasks to accomplish, then reward the winner with a few OSNR Gold.

5. Buy and Stack OSRS Gold

The amount of gold a player can have is usually limited, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying. Some players find it cool to have more gold to stack up as a reminder of their game achievement. You can use your RS gold to purchase more and do the same.


You can achieve a lot in RuneScape the same way you can use OSRS Gold in various ways. As a player, the decision to spend your gold currency and how you wish to do it is solely yours. We’ve looked at several ways to do that, and it’s best to settle for an idea with benefits. Gambling IS also a way to spend the gold, but it needs a disciplined person to know where to draw the line.

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