What Reviews Do You Prefer?

by Rene Ralph

Since the winner of the poll on the side there so far seems to be asking for more reviews of the week, I’d like to take this brief opportunity to ask what kind of reviews you most like to see. Perhaps muaddib can turn this into a poll proper. Basically:

A) I’m looking for a new game I don’t know about, and want a real review to “sell” me on whether or not to waste my time. No different than if it were for a game just released.

B) A retrospective sort of review focused more on history, the significance of the game, and its place in the industry timeline, like what you find in one of those “Complete History of Videogames” books.

C) I already know about the game, so I just want to see some humourous comments and riffing, i.e. Seanbaby or Something Awful.

D) A descriptive review like in A, but with a more personal slant (like, ”I used to play this game with my brothers every day after school…”) I’ve already played the game, so I just want to see if other people agree with my take on it.

E) Just a short synopsis like on a download site, telling me what the game is. I don’t need to know about opinions or details, because I’m going to be finding those out myself.

F) Whatever other scenario you can add.

I’m sure that different ones apply for different situations, time, and moods, but hopefully everyone can distill it down to the most frequent kinds of reviews they seek out or prefer.

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