What Makes Honor Smartwatch A Good Choice?

by Rene Ralph

Honor is a company owned by Huawei Technologies known for making quality and advanced smartwatches, smartphones, and laptops. One of their popular design of smartwatches includes the Honor Smartwatch FR. Honor is under Huawei, so you probably see some similarities in their smartwatch’s designs. They differ in appearance as well as on Honor’s huge battery.


If one loves huge yet stylish gadgets, Honor GS Pro is a perfect choice. It has a large battery, which makes it hefty. For those who are not fun of wearing a bulky and chunky timepiece, this will not suit you.

The gadget has two visible flat buttons integrated at one side of the device. These are watch bezel that diver usually uses and angular lugs. The bezel, which is made of stainless steel, does not rotate. If you love Huawei TruSeen 3.5, you will surely enjoy this one. This feature is the one that measures heartbeats and SpO2.

The smartwatch also has 2 – pogo pins used for the sound and when charging the device.

How Long the Battery Will Last?

The battery lifespan of Honor smartwatches is quite impressive. It can last up to 14 days thanks to its 455mAh cell. Keep the GPS on power-saving mode to extend its life even more. This watch is recommended for those engaged in the following leisure interest – biking, running, and hiking.

Using the Device

You can choose to disable and enable some features. For instance, you prefer to save the battery to make it last longer, disabling the always-on watch faces is a good idea. But, if your primary purpose of using the smartwatch is to track heart rate, level of stress, and how well you sleep, you can enable them easily.

Aside from the time and date, one can likewise take or reject incoming calls. Other activities it can track are kayaking hours, the number of steps, and other strengthening training.

Listening to your favorite music saved on the gadget and in your smartphone is also possible but for a limited time only.

Lite OS and Health

Honor smartwatches have a simple and functional OS. Swipe up the screen to check the notifications. If the display is small enough to read, there is an option to expand it. To show the quick settings, swipe down the screen. Other options such as do not disturb, locate my phone, menu, screen-on toggle, even alarm shortcut is also shown. Icons for Bluetooth, battery life, and others are likewise shown.

Swipe horizontally, and it will display how fast your heart is beating, activity dashboard, stress level, and list of stored music. The dashboard will also display three rings that track workout minutes, daily active hours, and steps counter. You can arrange the Lite OS home screen for your convenience or add extras. Simply open the settings and display and then favorites.

Final Verdict

With the different designs and features Honor smartwatches are offering, the brand is one of the best. If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals, Honor smartwatches can help you. It monitors everything you need to track, such as heart rate, number of steps, calories, and others. Plus, the watches are quite affordable, considering that it has lots of amazing features.

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