One shop stop at FR HONOR Back to School 2020

by Rene Ralph

FR HONOR Back to School 2020 knows what they are doing with their products and services. From magicbook notebooks, phones, router to watches, this versatile company has it all. They provide their services all over and always strive to satisfy their customers. Let’s look into some of their unique products of 2020.

FR HONOR Back to School 2020 services:

The HONOR family 2020 will surely intrigue your senses with their AppGallery, free for their customers to use. The open platform is full of welcoming surprises that create an interactive atmosphere. The platform offers a lot, all the while offering premium personal security that enhances the experience. With each download, be sure that your data is in safe hands as their software has a four-tier security system designed. The platform has the ability to see unregular behavior that helps control user experience for the better. The platform is already installed in their devices and supports various subscriptions.

Magicwatch 2:

No one can top this magical watch that is made with top-notch stainless steel. The steel itself is used in high-grade airplanes as it is low in weight and will not dent with constant use. The watch allows you to go about normal life, applying heavy-duty activities to your routine. The best part? You can add a little something of yourself to the watch by inserting your pictures. Now each time you lift or swing your waist, you will see a different view. The HONOR fast-paced processor has durable material that makes an effortless addition while using less energy.

Magicbook Notebooks:

This 14-inch thin frame laptop is the real deal that has a 4.8 mm laminated display. The superior material has the ability to reflect light in all the correct angles creating a show well worth the investment. You won’t have trouble watching videos even under the blazing sun. The screen has a Rheinland-certified exterior that eliminates the extra blue light to create a safer experience. The shiny laptop has fourteen sets of power and a 3500U processor for superior graphics. The fast-paced processor allows faster downloads and better reading features.

Amazing offers:

The company provides terrific offers to indulge in. The 199-euro packages come with a variety of items and other incredible discounts. As a special offer, HONOR 20E has a stunning 4GB and 64GB storage capacity. The Phantom Blue color sparks up your day, and the ultra super lens allows premium photos. The 24 MP aluminum triple-lens help you take amazing photos, and the Quadra CFA sensor captures memories.

FR HONOR Back to School 2020 products:

Once you have tried HONOR services and their free service platform, you won’t be able to go back. Let’s see some of their premium supplies that are always on offers as well:

HONOR 9X Lite: with 4GB and 128GB, has emerald green and 48MP ultra-clarity camera

Volume 5 Meteorite: Black colors, impressive touch display, continuous heart rate monitoring, installed personal trainer

HONOR 9X: 4-128GB that comes in a Midnight Black and a 48MP triple camera

Magic earbuds: hand free calls with impressive 32dB of unwanted noise and Hybrid active noise cancellation

FR HONOR Back to School 2020 is the best and for good reasons. The features packed with versatile services will keep you occupied.

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