Seven Engaging Topics to Get Noticed On Twitter

by Rene Ralph

Making your tweeted topics engaging on Twitter can be a tad challenging. With so much content vying for attention, most of the platform’s users fear that their posts will end up ignored. However, what many bloggers fail to know are the topics that catch their Twitter followers’ attention. In solving this dilemma, a blogger must have a perfect knowledge of Twitter demographics. By demographics, you consider factors such as the best time to tweet, your target audience, trending topics of discussion, and so on. It is also essential to note that the tips in this article would also work for you if you are seeking to get likes on Twitter.

  1. Ask your audience questions: Asking questions makes Twitter posts engaging. If you want to start getting noticed on Twitter, you must ask questions your audience will find interesting and relatable. These questions can be asked in various ways depending on your target audience. There will be an immense increase in your Twitter notifications if your audience frequently anticipates problems for them on your timeline.
  2. Talk about events:Yes, everyone enjoys a little gist. If you seek to get likes on Twitter, you should mention events you are participating in as a brand. Furthermore, you can always pique your followers’ interest by engaging in live tweet sessions and never forgetting to include your brand’s hashtags at all times.
  3. Take polls:You can increase engagement by taking polls on Twitter. Through polls, your audience is encouraged to share their views about an issue. When taking polls, always ensure that your questions are open-ended, brief, and timely. Furthermore, after every survey, it is vital to share the polls’ results for all to see.
  4. Include visual content: Content with photos or gifs have more chances of getting you engagements than ordinary tweets. Recently, engaging your audience’s visual appetite has been proven to be effective. This is because pictures speak in ways words cannot. Visual content captures users’ attention when they scroll through their Twitter feeds.
  5. Use hashtags: No matter how compelling your content is, if you desire attention, you must master the art of using hashtags. All you need to do is find trending topics on Twitter and see how you can use them to your advantage. However, in using trending topics to your advantage, you must consider the pros and cons. Don’t just jump on every trend. Instead, you must tailor your content to match trends. In doing this, you can have yourself more retweets and followers.
  6. Share Information:Always post informative content. Research has shown that more people are getting access to news on Twitter than conventional news platforms such as newspapers and mainstream media. Your posts can get more engagements on Twitter when it is known to create more knowledge for people. Post job openings, medical facts, nuggets, and so on.
  7. Engage people: Another sure way of getting noticed on Twitter is to engage people. Talk to people. Start a conversation around trending topics and gauge people’s reactions. Listen to what people are saying.


In a nutshell, getting noticed on Twitter is easy. All you need do is follow the steps above and watch how your once forgettable posts transform into engaging content.

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