What to look for in an android phone camera

by Rene Ralph

Smartphones come with cameras with varying quality and features. Since it is a commonly used feature, developers continually improve the camera specs to embrace more splendid smartphone photography. On the other hand, developers are working on camera engines that can be integrated into other applications to boost functionality. As such, the camera market is evolving quickly as technological advancements are being used to create sophisticated camera kits that offer high-end photography experience.

If you are opting for a professional camera phone, you need to check the following features.


Megapixels consist of the number of dots on an image. Most android cameras have an enormous megapixel count. The megapixels of a camera may not necessarily define the quality of an image. Still, you can differentiate between a low megapixel image from one captured by a high megapixel camera. Megapixels work hand in hand with the size of the lens. However, it would be best if you always opted for a camera with high megapixels. Have in mind that images with smaller pixels can be affected by noise while a high megapixel camera can gather enough data for a quality image.

The lens

As mentioned earlier, the lens and megapixels will determine the quality of an image. The lens enables the transmission of light into the camera sensor to define the image’s focus and sharpness to capture. Always opt for a quality lens to get more light transmission to capture a high-quality image. When considering the lens properties, ensure the manufacturer has a solid reputation for developing a top-quality smartphone camera product.

Zooming properties

Zoom is essential when focusing on a specific area of the target to get detailed information. Cameras that are manufactured currently come with digital zoom properties. While you enlarge a particular area, you need to consider the sharpness and quality of the image. If you zoom your camera further, you will definitely lose the quality. To avoid such, you can opt for a smartphone equipped with cameras which can make use of digital camera and optical zoom options to provide the best results.

Image processing

Camera developers are applying the vast technological advancements to ensure extra processing options. For instance, cameras found on the latest smartphones have a feature called High Dynamic Range. The feature allows you to capture multiple images with varying exposures and combine the results to produce an incredible intensity.

Video quality

Smartphone cameras can be used to shoot videos at various resolutions. It would be best if you opted for a camera option that is capable of capturing high-resolution videos such al least 1080p resolution. While a camera capable of capturing full HD videos might be helpful, you will need to choose bigger storage that will fit your files.


Smartphone camera technology is changing extensively. Developers are looking to add extra processing options for android phones. However, your choice of camera will depend on the intended image quality. Keep in mind that cameras that come with advanced tools cost more than the local cameras.

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