The Huawei kit and how it affects app users

by Rene Ralph

With the Huawei site kit, your android application can provide its users with secure and convenient access to varying place-related services. The site kit provides an easy and reliable way for users to access services to search for certain locations and places. With this site kit, users can get certain functions such as auto-completing keywords, searching for places as well as the details of those locations.

When you install the API, you will be able to search for your destination with specific keywords as well as location types like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and many others. You’ll also be provided with detailed information regarding the location such as the address, comments, ratings, and phone number when you use the site kit.

Benefits of the Huawei Site Kit for App Users

Massive Database

One of the things app users stand to gain from using the Huawei site kit is the fact that they do not have to worry about collecting data from all the relevant places. The site kit offers an impressive database that is home to over 130 million places securely stored. With this site kit, all app users need to do is to search for an area of their choice and get all the important details that they need. This feature is definitely one to look forward to as an app user.

Available Time Zones

The Huawei site kit offers yet another interesting feature for android app users. It has the ability to tell the app’s user the time zones for different locations. This feature is not one you’ll see in most place-related services. All you need to do is type the name or address of a particular location. The site kit then lets you know the time zone of your location.

Impressive Global Coverage

This site kit has a global coverage that spans across over 200 countries and regions. This simply means the Huawei site kit can provide all the information that you need at any given location. After installing the API, app users can be sure that no matter where they are in the world, the site kit can provide all the important information that they need about the places they search on.

Breaking the Language Barrier

Android app users may often find it difficult to use an API because of the language barrier. However, with the Huawei site kit, app users do not need to worry about the language barrier anymore. Interestingly, the API comes in 13 languages which are widely recognized in the world. Languages like English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, and Chinese makes it easy for app users anywhere in the world to search for places extensively without any issue with the language.


Going by the amazing features that come with the Huawei site kit, it’s safe to conclude that there’s a lot in store for android app users. App users can now search for places as extensively as possible with all the important information now readily available for them. That is amazing if you ask me!

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